Fun Facts About Being a Student

Student life was the best. We have some of the best memories with our pals, while winning or losing the match or doing different things. This was a carefree life when we just had responsibility of studying hard and getting good scores. And if you are still a student and reading while having some bad days in school, read these fun facts and brighten your day. The first fact is that drinking coffee, mild coffee can enhance your brain and boost your learning skills as well. It was estimated that 90% of students drink coffee to study more, the rest of the percentage drink tea or energy drinks.

People think that student life is always about partying and as we see in the movies that students are partying all year long. But that is not true, a study showed that only 30% of the students in each school party. And this is the percentage who is rich and they have a strong background. If you are a normal student and you want to become like that genius kid, then you should start telling yourself that you a genius and you can do it. And a psychology study showed that 71% students who did this practice, did show better results.

There were times when kids used to go to school, come back and play, do their homework and go to sleep. These were the simpler times when they were no mobile phones, but now a study showed that 89% of students go home and use social media and seldom do sports. Making friends is easy but keeping friends is difficult, another study showed that kids who made friends at early age, only 15% of them get along in the future and the rest move on. If you calculated how much time a regular student spends time in reading, well you can say, from the age of 3 and to 23, people read more than 100,000 hours in these years.

Schools are the place where some of our friends have found a soul mate and some of us are just left heart broken. But since it is an early stage, we recover from the trauma and we move on, but a study showed that at least one third of people spend their life with a school crush, like actually marrying them. You can get kids enrolled in international school fee in Doha and in any English-speaking school in Doha.