woman holding picture with big smile. concept photo over dark background

Debunking myths is one of our favorite tasks of all time. Internet is dull of different kinds of rumors that can leave us wondering what is true what is false, what to trust and what not. Veneers Abu Dhabi is one of the most appreciated and well performed surgeries out there which promise a healthier and brighter smile. But there are some myths associated with it that can leave people under false pretenses.

Myth 1

Veneers looks like an artificial shine on teeth.

Let’s not sugar coat it, it is true – but – this is not always the case. We might have seen some people flashing a completely artificial smile that looks so unrealistic at the first glance that it leaves is wondering if the person is even aware of what their smile is doing. If you consult a good dentist in Abu Dhabi and they promise good results then there is no way that you would look unnatural. A beautiful pearly white smile that blends in perfectly is what we call a picture perfect shine.

Myth 2

Veneers can be applied only on front teeth.

When you flash a big toothy smile, do you only smile with front half of your teeth mostly known as ‘social six’? No, right. A smile means display of all the bright teeth that are in your mouth and this is why veneers can take place in all the teeth but it is true that it is mostly common in the front teeth. They can look good on all 32 set of your teeth or maybe you can get a customized plan for your teeth so that you are well aware of what will look good and natural on you.

Myth 3

Veneers can be painful at the time of placement.

 It is pretty common to feel anxious and nervous before any kind of dental treatment because after all, teeth are very important part of our life. But you don’t have to worry much as these when you undergo veneer placement process, you will be given local anesthesia which will numb your jaws meaning you won’t feel any kind of pain or whatsoever.

There are several other myths out there and that is why, before undergoing any process you must check with your dentist and understand what is right and wrong and what will work for you best.