The Importance of Pre-Handover Inspections

After months of construction activity and continuous hard work of the construction team and related people, your home is finally ready to move in. But before you decide to settle in your brand new house, why not get a pre-handover inspection done? It is not that common practice in this part of the world but people are becoming alive to the concept and are accepting it after getting to realize its importance and advantages. Pre-handover inspection and property valuation in Dubai gives you the chance to get your new living space carefully evaluated so as to identify any construction flaws and errors which might be the result of negligence on part of the construction team.

There is no question about the construction team’s professionalism and seriousness about their job but we all know that even the newest houses have building errors that become big with the passage of time and start bothering the persons living in the house. It is always a great idea to get rid of the shoddy workmanship in the initial stages rather than waiting for years to deal with it.

Generally, your builder gives you very limited time to report any defects in the structure. Since you’re not well-equipped with the right kind of information and education, you seldom are able to point out technical flaws in the building. This is where such builders get away with their irresponsibility during the construction phase. There are many countries where government’s organizations want people to get their houses complied with the country’s building laws. In such a scenario, things really get out of the hands. This is why it is always recommended to hire a professional building inspector who knows how to identify the technical deficiencies in a building. It even gets better if you hire the services of a building inspection company which has the right set of engineers and inspectors who are fully educated and well experienced in the field.

A pre-handover inspection report consists of a list of various defects, deficiencies, and discrepancies in the design and outlay of the building. The professional pre-handover inspection team takes little time in preparing the report so that you can ask the builder to make the necessary amendments in the design and fill up the technical gaps before the time runs out.

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