Pros and Cons of Intensive Farming

Intensive farming is a method by which farmers makes use of the latest technique so high productivity is being yielded by keeping a variety of livestock indoor and by making use of an increased amount of “chemical fertilizers”. This is done so increased demand for affordable food can be met easily. This is also done so the population does not have to face an immense shortage of food in coming times. 

Due to intensive farming maximum yield is being derived from a particular land. The same technique of farming is being used to supply a wide range of livestock. In short, by using this particular technique food is being produced in excessive amount. This is done by making use of specific pesticides so agricultural land is safe from all sort of crop diseases.

Even farmers make use of Massey Ferguson Pakistan tractors which help in the cultivation of a particular land in the most appropriate manner. These tractors do help in meeting a variety of harvesting demands associated with large-scale farmers.

On the other hand, disc harrow is being used so the soil is tilled where particular crops have to be sowed. It is also being used so unwanted weed can be chopped off easily. These things do help in farming. But some of the pros and cons related to intensive farming have been discussed below.

Advantages of Intensive Farming

By making use of this farming technique the overall yield of a particular crop is high. It is due to this farming that farmers can monitor and supervise a specific land easily. As a result of this livestock is also safe from all sort of danger from wild animals.

Another benefit of this farming is that a wide range of vegetables, fruits, and different poultry products are being produced which have now become inexpensive. Due to this worldwide problem which is related to the shortage of food has been immensely resolved. In short, now people can get their hands on a well-balanced nutritious diet easily. 

Disadvantages of Intensive Farming

This sort of farming makes use of a variety of pesticides, different chemical fertilizers, and insecticides.  Intensive farming is also associated with such a farming method which has been keeping livestock above its holding capacity. This, in turn, results in increased pollution, several diseases, poor hygienic conditions and much more.

These are some of the essential pros and cons of intensive farming.