Most popular ways to hold a cigarette

Smokers are present throughout the world with having different tastes and smoking habits. Smokers often buy Manchester cigarettes because they like the taste of them more instead of any other brand. Different cigarette manufacturing companies buy tobacco from different tobacco companies UAE according to their agreement with them. Along with having different taste in respect of cigarette brand, smokers also have different smoking style. Some smokers hold with two fingers, some hold within palm and some have other styles. There is no one universal style to have or no one will say that your style is wrong and theirs is right because there is no hard and fast rule for that. One should hold the cigarette in a way which is comfortable for them. There is no need to copy other’s style when you will feel uncomfortable in doing that. Another reason to not copy others is that smokers often change their style of smoking and if you copy someone’s style and the next time you see them with a different style then it will make you feel lower. You do not need to copy but to get an idea about different smoking style you should read this:

Classic way: Most widely used way is the classic way in which smokers hold their cigarettes within their two fingers mainly the index and middle finger. In the classic way when you hold the cigarette and smoke then your palm will be on the outer side while the back side of your hand will be towards your mouth.

Sophisticated way: This way is just like the above classic way but the difference is that in this way when you try to smoke, your will be towards your mouth and the back of your hand will be on the outer side. You can also say that these two ways are opposite of each other.

Palmed way: As indicated from the name in this style the cigarette is towards your palm while the smoker holds it with thumb and ring finger. This style is very common in new smokers because in this style it is unable to see the cigarette in one’s hand as it is completely hidden behind the palm. A famous type of tobacco smoking which known as Bidis are common to smoke like this style.