A Brief History of Coworking

Coworking office space is a concept where a number of individuals use the same workstation often known as hot desk London. The term coworking is originated from different concepts of collaboration, accessibility and sustainability. Started in 2005, this concept has evolved over the years presenting us with a space which provides new dynamics to the word ‘office’ which has proven to be highly beneficial for the individuals who are entrepreneurs and business managers looking for peace in their professional life.

Even a single dash misplaced or a ‘c’ forgotten to capitalize can change the meaning or manipulate words. Where a ‘Coworking’ with a capital C is an official term, at the same place ‘co-working’ or ‘coworking’ with a small c can become a generic word. We know all our lovely grammar Nazis will be very happy that someone finally differentiated between them, at the same time our sad little students might be extremely confused, so here is a simpler explanation to that. 

‘Coworking’ is a term used to describe a meaningful concept presented by Brad Neuberg which laid the foundations to the first ever office space in 2005. It can also be taken as a business term. Moving to the term ‘co-working’ which is a generic term used to describe a workplace or a workstation which is shared amongst two or more individuals.

Shared office spaces have evolved a lot since its first opening and there are more than 30 thousand spaces running currently all across the world. They have been gaining a lot popularity since then and as of 2022, the number of shared offices will keep increasing everyday.

These spaces are best for people who want to gain an office experience, working from home can be very daunting sometimes it helps to get out of the house in a more productive environment and be surrounded with dedicated individuals who are working tirelessly around the clock for the achievement of the same goal but through different parts and directions.

The idea of offices shouldn’t be very stressful or a place that you dread going to, and shared office spaces has been successful in eliminating those thoughts. A beautiful space with comfortable furniture and peaceful environment helping to gain the most out of their creative minds.

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