Importance of Fortinet Firewall for Abu Dhabi Capital

The concept of a Fortinet firewall is to provide cybersecurity such as firewalls, anti-virus, invasion prevention and computer network security. Fortinet was found in 2000 as an American multinational corporation by brother.

A firewall is used to keep the network secure and the chief objective is to control the outgoing and the incoming network traffic, it also analyses the data packets and determines the fact that if it should be allowed through or not, by following the encoded rules set.

Fortinet announced its collaboration with Abu Dhabi in October of 2018, Abu Dhabi chose Fortinet to provide a foundation to secure their critical network and data all over their headquarters and 45 location in their city.

The importance of Fortinet firewall Abu Dhabi is crucial for their competent municipal system to help ensure sustainable development as well as enhancing the quality of life for Abu Dhabi. Previously the security systems were in silos, which meant there was limited visibility and control over the network. It was a huge threat as there was an increase in vulnerabilities, ransomware and application threats which made it imperative for Abu Dhabi to have an effective single security platform as the data at risk included sensitive information regarding city and it’s building infrastructure, intellectual property, lands and property ownership details and most important personal identifiable data (PII).

A security breach for the business could be shocking and at the same time it could cause huge loss, which is why it imperative to ensure that the business network security is tailored to suit the nature of the business and organisation. It has been reported that over 45 branches in the city of Abu Dhabi and headquarters selected “Fortinet Security Fabric” for their end to end visibility and network control back in 2018. This initiative not only provided strong sense of security and high-end protection to the capital with their valuable data but also increased business benefits. The reported percentage of reduction in operating cost has been 72 percent since the implementation.

Fortinet managed to provide a strict selection criterion, and management reporting system, it offers flexible features and a combination of skills with third-party vendors. They provide Abu Dhabi municipal with Invasion prevention system, URL filtering, Web Anti-virus, VPN’s, Anti-spam, and Sandboxing. Additionally, Forti Portal implementation has helped Abu Dhabi with web interface which reduced the learning curve for the security administration teams to allow them to manage the appliance through single-pane-of glass approach. Click here for more information.